Newinolder Harvey - aka Beau

This is Beau he is now 15 Months old and a pleasure to own.
He loves to swim and go hunting for rabbits and ducks etc (he never really wants to catch them though - we call him the Galloping Gourmet). He thinks that everything he can see from our house he owns so he gets most upset when the farmer checks on his sheep.

He is so obedient and the fastest dog to learn I have ever known. He weighed 42 KG at 11 months old but there is not an ounce of fat on him (wish i could say the same!!)
For such a big and quick dog he is a real softy who loves a hug and scratch.

P.s the darker picture is of Beau swimming in the river early morning.

Denise - On behalf of Peter Saward
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Deirdre Newin
Number: 01795 880821

NEW LITTER ARRIVED 27 JUNE , 12 PUPs !!!!!!! 6 boys 6 girls . Newinolder Ariel (Jackie) Hips 3/4
is the mum. Bruce is the dad hips 3/5 .