The story behind Newinolder
15 years ago we were lucky enough to buy a small holding on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. Shortly after we had to have our german shepherd put to sleep. We decided not to wait till we had come to terms with it because we knew we would always miss him. We knew we could never replace him. Also our home was so isolated we needed the security that only a dog can give.
We decided as we now had the space and the time , we would buy a male and a female . We thought it would be good for the dogs that they had each other and wonderful for us and them if one day we might have a litter. We were looking for pups from straight backed parents.
We chose an all black male puppy Black Alfie of Newinolder and a Black and gold female Brodnyx Brierney of Newinolder. Jessica being our first ever female dog. Right from the start we knew they were special, We called them Jasper and Jessica, they both had a lot to learn since they had to share their home with all the horses ducks , chickens , geese and peafowl that we had also somehow collected and been given since moving . The peafowl could see anyone approaching from yards away from their high roosts in our sycamore trees, They were the early warning . Jasper and Jessica could tell if the car approaching was a return visitor or not , the moment the car turned into our 300 yard lane. They quickly learned to tell the difference between our animals and a pheasant or a rabbit which we allowed them to chase .It was a wonderful sight watching them work together to run down a rabbit or corner a pheasant .

They greeted any visitors to our home with great excitement , loving all people . It was however uncanny that if we got a visitor that I wasn’t too keen on and I was trying hard not to show it, the dogs though always sensed it and would have nothing to do with the them , just watch their every move and keep themselves in between me and the unwelcome guest. Jasper was 54kg and Jessica 40kg, at the age of 2 years .
Although our place was far from securely fenced and Jasper and Jessica had the run of the place with no restrictions , even if we were busy in doors. When we called , they were always back within a couple of minutes. Right from an early age. However I did learn years later that the farmer who kept sheep in the field next to ours had found them in his field on many an early morning when I’d let them out in the early hours and gone off to sleep again . When I asked why he’d never complained he replied that they were doing no harm to the sheep , although they wouldn’t let him in the field!!!.

Jasper was boss of the pair , or so he thought . Generally though Jessica always got what she wanted as
She had plenty of tricks to play on Jasper, that he always fell for. Jasper also wanted to have the giant share of attention but Jessica quickly learnt the hand signals I silently gave her so we could have time together without Jasper .
It was at around the time they were 2 years old and we were thinking of mating them that I decided to phone the Uk German Shepherd Society , just to make sure that we didn’t make a mistake with their mating . The person there asked me what was their bloodline , when I told her that they both had Olderhill bloodlines she replied “ My dear , you have the cream of the cream , you will be making no mistake. It was at that point and with my first computer that I began to investigate the Olderhill German Shepherd and find out about the roots of my beautiful dogs.
I found the website in South Africa! , I read about Anne Butler and there I found my dog’s described perfectly .Their fantastic intelligence, their incredible temperaments , their wonderful perceptiveness, and at last somebody else who thought that the shape of german shepherd backend was getting beyond reason.

Jessica’s first pregnancy and the litter and everything to do with it was one of the most magical times of our lives and it was the same for Jessica, even Jasper was the perfect mate and father to the pups. When Jessica was expecting a litter for the second time we decided to keep a female pup Straight Sue .
After having her hips scored at 1 year old , we set about finding a suitable dog to mate her with. At that time the internet wasn’t nearly as huge as it is today , I could find no UK connections for the Olderhill German Shepherds , and only after a long search did I find Gill Elliot . Gill was partner to Anne Butler and inherited along with another lady the Olderhill Affix , she also has a beautiful male dog Olderhill Kitbag who she allowed to Sire Straight Sue’s first Litter.
We now have 7 female german shepherds plus Jasper and Ryan’s Prince of Newinolder( Jigger).
It took us a year to find our Jigger . We had wanted a male with Olderhill bloodlines we could mate with our females, this was like looking for hens teeth it seemed. At one point we thought of settling for any german shepherd male pup from parents with straight backs . Then we found the litter advertised on the KC website , litter with Olderhill bloodlines. Jigger’s mum is Olderhill Heather and Dad is Thamespol Atlas at Olderhill. At the time of writing this Jigger is 14 months old. He’s a truly stunning looking youngster, he has exceeded all our expectations in his fantastic temperament and has fitted in with our family beautifully. He is loved by all the girls. He’s happy for Jasper to be top dog and gives Jasper so much respect, as do all the girls .
We are committed to keeping this wonderful line of german shepherds going.
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NEW LITTER ARRIVED 27 JUNE , 12 PUPs !!!!!!! 6 boys 6 girls . Newinolder Ariel (Jackie) Hips 3/4
is the mum. Bruce is the dad hips 3/5 .