Christmas greetings from Daisy 2009

I am living in the cold snowy Piteå far away from my birthplace in Isle of Sheppey, United Kingdom. But I love snow and today is -19 C and this temperature is ok, but when it got colder ... brrrr ... then I sometimes plan to go back to England.

I like it here but I looking for a decent good Olderhill dog male to show up some day, my master and mistress just talk about to get one here ... but they talk to much ... and nothing happend ... grrrr!!

By the way I want to send x-mas greetings to my siblings and mum and dad and to Dee & family

Merry Chrismas & thanks for the present!

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NEW LITTER ARRIVED 27 JUNE , 12 PUPs !!!!!!! 6 boys 6 girls . Newinolder Ariel (Jackie) Hips 3/4
is the mum. Bruce is the dad hips 3/5 .