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Newinolder Darla (dam)

The guard
I am my flocks guarding member. When I and my sister had a visit from an old dog the second day in Sweden, I of cause took tone and never let the old dog come near our bed. So my masters thought I was very brave to be just 10 weeks old. I like to set up big fights with my sister, because I am stronger then her so I win must of the times. I am very kind, smart and social also but when it come to go out for some adventures I often let Daisy go first, because she is the flock leader. I also good at listening to what my masters have to say about things.

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Contact information

Deirdre Newin
Number: 01795 880821

NEW LITTER ARRIVED 27 JUNE , 12 PUPs !!!!!!! 6 boys 6 girls . Newinolder Ariel (Jackie) Hips 3/4
is the mum. Bruce is the dad hips 3/5 .